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New Year's Resolutions

The new year is only a month old, so there is still plenty of time for Mr. Pittman and county government to make some new year’s resolutions for better government and citizen involvement in his second term. The Growth Action Network has some suggestions.

The matter of construction of an office building in Quiet Water Park may be resolved for now, but there are still raw feelings, citizen complaints about the lack of transparency of the process, and frankly some deep-seated suspicions that it will arise again in a new form.

When 200 neighbors meet on a Friday night to say they had heard nothing of the plans for a project of this size -- despite the fact that the county had followed all of its own requirements for public engagement -- there is a problem with the county’s requirements for public engagement.

In order for Anne Arundel County to be The Best Place for All, the citizens must have a measure of trust in our government that was missing in these and too many parks and land use decisions


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