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More transparency and citizen engagement

  • All county meetings should be hybrid meetings.

  • Transparency and citizen engagement should be a key selection criterion for top government jobs.

  • Full electronic access to OPZ records.

  • County task forces and work groups should have a firm deadline for reports.

  • Consult citizen groups much earlier.

Land Use

  • Eliminate perpetual grandfathering of "zombie" projects.

  • Inventory and publish the list of zombie projects and modifications.


  • Create a citizen-led, county supported working group, similar to the CEC, to deliver to
    you an assessment of the many issues surrounding stormwater management,
    including shifting the point of measurement from the design to the actual results,
    better information to homeowners at the time of purchase, the financial burden and
    weak governance on many HOAs, and the amount of open space that SWM BMPs are


  • The county should reclaim from developers the responsibility for conducting or  procuring traffic/transportation studies.

  • Expand the focus of “traffic studies” to be “transportation studies".

  • Incentivize solutions other than just roads.

Establish a planning commission

  • Independent review of land use decisions and recommendations to the county
    administrative agencies.

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