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The County Council has twice monthly legislative sessions.  These are generally held on the first and third Mondays of the month at 7 pm in the Council Chambers.  Current information on the session schedules and bills that will be introduced or discussed is available at the County Council website.

In addition, the Council has work sessions that are usually  held the second Tuesday of the month in the Council Chambers. The public can only watch and not participate, but can hear what various members question or support and can hear from Administration representatives​. Call the County Council to make sure the work session is on as occasionally they are cancelled (410-222-1401).

County Council Members

District 1 - Peter Smith,


District 2 - Allison Pickard,


District 3 - Nathan Volke,


District 4 - Julie Hummer,


District 5 - Amanda Fiedler,


District 6 - Lisa Brannigan Rodvien,


District 7 - Shannon Leadbetter,

Council districts.png

GAN Chair Matt Minahan commended as a 2023 Outstanding Citizen Legislator by Anne Arundel County Council.  View the ceremony at the right.

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