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Hold on to Your Hats, Anne Arundel!

These next few months of 2023 will have a HUGE impact on the future of Anne Arundel County. Between now and the end of this year, in Anne Arundel County we can expect to see:

  • work on three new Town Center plans -- Glen Burnie, Odenton, and Parole which is now before the County Council.

  • legislation introduced to make it easier to convert underused commerical properties into housing

  • legislation introduced to require moderately priced housing in new developments

  • new development plans finalized for one third of the county

  • work to begin on new development plans for another third of the county

  • the creation of a stakeholder group to guide the development of the controversial 19 acre parcel at Quiet Waters Park in Annapolis

  • the ongoing review of development plans to build 40+ homes in the middle of the 75 acre Glebe Heights Forest in Loch Haven

  • the creation of a stakeholder group to guide the development of South River Farm Park on the Mayo Peninsula

By any measure, these months will have a MONUMENTAL impact on how we live our lives for decades into the future here in AACo.

Who is paying attention to all of this? GAN is.

So, what is a GAN? GAN is the Growth Action Network, a non-profit advocating for environmentally sustainable land use and quality of life in Anne Arundel County.

We are a coalition of community and civic associations, environmental groups, green businesses, and individuals, including more than 20,000 AACo citizens.

GAN's mission is to promote leadership and advocacy among AACo citizens to preserve the environment, secure natural resources, protect our watershed, and ensure managed growth within a fully funded infrastructure to sustain a high quality of life for all.

GAN does this by advocating with the County Council and administration on topics like those at the top here. Our meetings with the County Executive, department directors, and County Council members and our board meetings are open to all of our members, and in many ways, they are the best way for citizens to learn about what is happening in County government and how it can affect their lives. You can see our priorities at:

With this exceptionally busy and pivotal three months ahead, we invite you join our band of citizen advocates. You can join as an organization, full individual member or as a friend at

For more information about GAN and what we do, please contact Matt Minahan at


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