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Statement in opposition to 

Bills 68-20 and 69-20

Click here to see the full text of the bills

Step 1:

Go to this page on the county website.

Step 2:

Fill out personal information and select the Legislation from the dropdown list.

Step 3:

Select "OPPOSE" for Position on Bill

Step 3:

Copy and paste the statement below into the Remarks box.  Personalize as desired.

Please vote against Council Bill 69-20.

Council Bill 69-20 will rezone more than 600 RA, RLD, and R1 properties to allow special events, weddings, and overnight stays.  Although more than 50,000 residences are within one mile of these properties, there is little concern for adverse effects on neighbors or the overall quality of life nearby.


This bill does not address the root causes of agricultural decline, and risks of unforeseen consequences far outweigh any possible benefits. 

I urge you not to support Bill 69-20.

Step 5: SEND The MESSAGE    

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