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Paul Christensen, Annapolis Capitol, Oct 27, 2020.   

The draft Plan2040 is devoid of any mention of growth rates, other than to state that the county is projected to grow by about 50,000 citizens or 29,000 households by 2040. This is a rate about equal to that experienced over the past several years and is clearly unacceptable to residents in most areas.

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Mike Lofton, Annapolis Capitol, Sep 16, 2020.   

The continued downward performance documented in the U.S. Agricultural Census is alarming.  Significant non agricultural commercial uses are being considered...

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Russell Stevenson, Annapolis Capitol, July 5, 2020.   

Anne Arundel County is currently preparing its General Development Plan, which will guide development
decisions in the county for the next 10 years. The new GDP gives us the opportunity to lay a strong
foundation for further progress in making the county the kind of place we all want to live...

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Paul Christensen, Annapolis Capitol, Feb 20, 2020.   

The paradox of growth is the better we try to make our community, the more people will want to move here, until it’s no better than any other community...

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On April 13th, 2018, the Crofton First Board of Directors sent out a questionnaire to all candidates seeking to serve Gambrills and Crofton on either the county or state level. All questions focused around the Crofton First mission of promoting responsible growth along the Route 3 corridor. The candidates were given a month to respond to the questions.  Click above to see their answers.

Elizabeth Rosborg testifies before new County Council

Reconstituted GDP Citizen Advisory Committee includes two GAN Board members

In a March 13 press release the AA County Executive announced a shift in the composition of the Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC) for the 2020 General Development Plan.  The 23-member reconstituted committee includes 1 representative from each of the county's 18 small areas and 5 at-large members.  GAN Board member Elizabeth Rosborg was named chair of the CAC and Board member Pat Lynch will represent the Broadneck area.

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