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Guiding Principles

Anne Arundel County has experienced tremendous growth in the past decades because of its convenience   to Baltimore and Washington, the extensive waterfront and its quality of life.  The infrastructure to support growth – roads, schools,  sewers, etc. –  has not kept up with the pace of growth, leaving large unfunded backlogs in needed school repairs and construction, sewer and water improvements and control of stormwater runoff.


To assure that future growth in Anne Arundel County is well planned, fiscally sound and built without damage to the environment, GAN advocates:

•  Careful long range planning that emphasizes the welfare of current residents 

•  Preservation and enhancement of existing communities

•  Preservation of farms and forests


•  Full transparency of the County government

•  Increased opportunity for citizen input on County and local issues


•  Rehabilitation and reuse of structures and communities


•  Expanded regional and multimodal transit network


•  That all new development pay for itself with realistic impact fees to provide for new roads and schools needed for the new development and

•  Stringent environmental standards so that the new building does not harm  the environment

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