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Bill 66-21

Did you know that the flapping/fluttering signs that you see along roadways all over the county are illegal? The County Council is considering legislation that will legalize them, and likely induce a major increase in these and other signs along the roadways of the county that currently are illegal. The problem is that AA County sign policies are in failure mode. Illegal signs are ubiquitous, and enforcement is ineffective at curbing them.


Rather than comprehensive reform that serves the needs of businesses and consumers, and has an enforcement element, Bill 66-21, if enacted, will legalize flapping signs, rooftop signs, and illegally placed signs that blight our roadways.


Please watch the short video below.

If you agree that signage has become out of control, click the “Take Action” button at the end of the video. It will take you to a webpage where you can enter your information, and allow you to write a short message opposing Bill 66-21 to County Executive Pittman, and your County Councilmember. 


Alternatively, you can click the  button below to go directly to writing.

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