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GAN divides its focus into  the following committees:

Legislation Committee:  

  • Reviews pending bills before the County Council and makes recommendations for GAN advocacy

  • Reviews pending Administrative Hearings and Board of Appeals cases and makes recommendations for GAN testimony. 

  • Monitors County Council meetings and work sessions, as necessary.

  • Coordinates appearances of GAN representatives before the County Council, the Administrative Hearing Officer, and the Board of Appeals.

  • Monitors State legislation that would affect GAN Mission.

  • Code Review

  • Coordinates Assistance to members who come to us for help

  • Coordinates Quarterly Meetings with Planning and Zoning staff

Members: Kate Fox, Susan Cochran, Paul Christensen,  Pat Lynch, Russ Stevenson

Transportation Committee:

  • Reviews transportation issues in the County

  • Recommends and coordinates GAN activities relevant to transportation

Members: Pat Lynch and Bill Nevel

Membership Committee:

  • Initiates and coordinates outreach efforts to current members

  • Coordinates GAN recruiting activities

  • Maintains membership records and delivers renewal notices

Members: Ann Wolfe

Communication Committee:

  • Administers the website

  • Administers social media such as Faceebook

  • Generates the newsletter and email blasts

  • Produces audio/video and internet materials as needed

  • Maintains GAN online shared storage

  • Maintains the GAN email accounts

  • Prepares the GAN brochure

  • Generates meeting schedules and agendas

  • Coordinates media relations

Members: Paul Christensen, Mike Lofton, Tim Reyburn, Ann Wolfe, and Carroll McGillan​​

Internal Planning Committee:

  • Reviews and updates the long-term strategic plan for GAN

  • Reviews opportunities for action by GAN to facilitate attainment of long-term objectives and create value for members

  •  Makes recommendations to the GAN Board about proactive advocacy, new member services, improved communications, government relationships and other topics that will strengthen the GAN network

  • Prepares an annual report to the Board describing  progress by GAN toward the objectives of its strategic plan.

  • Develops GAN Policy

Members:  Pat Lynch and Paul Christensen

Ad Hoc Committees, may be formed by the Board as needed, such as:

  • ALC  --  Paul Christensen

  • Stormwater -- Steve Miller

  • Agriculture/Agritourism -- Mike Lofton

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