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Advocacy to the Anne Arundel County Council

Testifying at the public hearing

  • Individual hearing statements generally have minimal effect, however, there can be power in numbers.  Recruit other members of your organizations to testify

  • Spend time prepping with the other members so that you have coherent and impactful statements that tie together

  • ​​There is a 2-minute time limit on testimony, which is usually tightly enforced

  • Speak in a normal voice and cadence to succinctly communicate a limited number of key points

  • Don’t rush and do not just read a prepared statement

  • State your name, address, and credentials (officer in a relevant group,   subject matter experience,  length of residency in District...)


  • Concisely state the action you want; approve, reject; amend, hold, etc.

  • Defend your position with facts & logic

  • Restate the action you want

  • 10 copies of any supporting documentation should be passed to the meeting secretary who will distribute them to the Council.


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