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Advocacy to the Anne Arundel County Council

Preparing for the hearing on a particular bill

  • Write, call, follow (comment with care) the Council member’s social media accounts.  Attend or watch work sessions, read the bill, fiscal note & legislative summary

  • Do your homework

  • Ask about your Council member’s perspective on the bill and what part of their constituency it will benefit.

  • Concisely state the action you want; approve, reject; amend, hold, etc.

  • Defend your position with facts & logic.

    • Cost implications

    • Results of similar proposals previously in A.A. County or in other jurisdictions

    • Likely outcomes/unintended consequences

    • Quality of life impacts

    • Disparate impacts

  • Restate the action you want

  • Council members are most likely to be responsive to their constituents, but they will be voting on all bills.  Email your perspective and requested action to Council members in other districts prior to the hearing

  • Follow up with a phone call


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