GAN divides its focus into  the following committees:

Code Review Committee:  intends to further protect and secure the property values and interests of ​of Anne Arundel County residents​ by reviewing Articles 17 and 18  (Zoning and Subdivision, respectively) of the County Code and make GAN-supported recommendations for 1) changes in the law and/or 2) policy changes where advisable.

Co Chairs:  Pat Lynch and Elizabeth Rosborg 

Transportation Committee: GAN will play a positive role by working with Planning and Zoning and other County agencies to: (1) prepare for transportation needs in the next General Development Plan (GDP); and (2) insure that land use/transportation policies and decisions are integrated, and do not conflict with sound long-range needs.

Chair: Bill Nevil

GDP and SAP Committee:  Monitors legislation to insure that it conforms to the General Development Plan (GDP) and Small Area Plans, and seeks a role for GAN in the planning/review/revision/update of the current GDP that is due in 2019.

Co Chairs:  Richard Falk and Mel Bender